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HoverWorld Insider, a free email newsletter, is the central information resource for the international hovercraft/air cushion vehicle world.


July 2008

  • Sport and Recreation: Upcoming Hovercraft Events / Event Reviews
  • Hovercraft History: World’s First Hovercraft Racing Champion
  • Rescue: Hovercrft in the USA Flood Disaster
  • Cmmercial: Feasibility of Hovercraft Ferry Services
  • Education: A New Chapter in School Hovercraft Programs
  • Manufacturer Profile: MAD Hovercraft
  • Hovercraft Manufacturer News

March 2008

  • Sport and Recreation: An Overview of World Events
  • Education: The Hovercraft Program at Parish Hill High School
  • Commercial: Life as a Hovercraft Dealer: Markku Huvinen
  • Feature Biography: Hugh Firminger and Hovertechnics
  • Rescue Operations: Rescue Stories from Big Bend
  • Manufacturer Feature: Hov Pod

January 2008

  • Meet the Publisher
  • Sport and Recreation: World Hovercraft Championship 2008
  • Education: The Schools Hovercraft Program in Australia
  • Commercial Hovercraft: Blind man pilots Hovertravel ferry
  • Hovercraft Safety: Hover STAR Network launched
  • Hovercraft History: Melville Beardsley, Hovercraft Pioneer
  • Rescue Hovercraft:
    • Homeland Security Grant provides rescue hovercraft
    • Hovercraft advocate retires
  • Early Development: John Chaplin's In the Beginning
  • Hovercraft Manufacturer News

August 2006

  • Sport and Recreation: Event News and Updates
  • Military Hovercraft:
    • LCACs carried on ships built of World Trade Center steel
    • Hovercraft evacuate Americans from Lebanon
  • Education: New DiscoverHover communications programs
  • Rescue Hovercraft: Hovercraft rescue pilot after F-16 crash
  • Hovercraft Manufacturer News

March 2006

  • Sport and Recreation: Event news and updates
  • Education: DiscoverHover expands to 1500 schools in 44 countries
  • Military Hovercraft: Secret Skunk Works project utilizes hovercraft technology
  • Commercial Hovercraft: Hovercraft eliminate "bugs" in South Korean port expansion
  • Hovercraft Manufacturer News

April 2005

  • Sport and Recreation: Event news and updates
  • Education: Learning takes flight in school hovercraft programs
  • Commercial Applications: Hovercraft eliminates aviation threat
  • Rescue Operations: Hovercraft rescue pioneers
  • Hovercraft Industry: 2005 State of the Industry report

Sept 2004

  • Announcement: Cancellation of HoverWorld Expo 2004
  • Hoosier Hovercraft Championship
  • Interview with Robert Hodson, Trans-American Hovercraft Adventure

June 2004

  • Upcoming Hovercraft Events
  • Guest Editorial: The Devilish Details
  • DiscoverHover: the Build-a-Hovercraft School Project
  • Hovercraft Adventures on the Lewis & Clark Trail
  • Beyond James Bond: Hovercraft in Corporate Team Building
  • Fast Facts about the World's First Hovercraft Race

January 2004

  • Introduction: The Year of the Hovercraft
  • Update: HoverWorld Expo 2004
  • New Download: 2002 CACTS Symposium on Air Cushion Technology
  • Call for Papers: 2004 CACTS Symposium on Air Cushion Technology
  • DiscoverHover: the Build-a-Hovercraft School Project
  • Feature Story: From Sea to Shining Sea … by Hovercraft!
  • Fast Facts about Hovercraft

Premier Issue: June 2003

  • Welcome to the Premiere Issue of HoverWorld Insider
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: HoverWorld Expo 2004: Endurance Race Australia
  • Guest Editorial: Chris Fitzgerald
  • The World's First Hovercraft Race
  • Fast Facts about Canberra, Australia

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