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The World Hovercraft Organization is a not-for-profit organization whose principle aim is to represent, and serve as an information resource for, the international hovercraft/air cushion vehicle world. The Organization has no formal membership requirements. It is designed to support existing bodies, such as the World Hovercraft Federation, with promotional opportunities, sponsorship efforts, and information services.

The primary goal of the World Hovercraft Organization is to advance hovercraft/air cushion vehicle technology by embracing, expanding and providing communication between all aspects of the hovercraft/ACV world:

  • Hovercraft organizations: hoverclubs, societies and museums
  • Hovercraft manufacturers
  • Recreational hovercraft enthusiasts: racers, cruisers and builders
  • Rescue hovercraft interests: law enforcement agencies
    and search & rescue organizations
  • Military hovercraft: LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) divisions
  • School hovercraft projects

NEW: Industrial/Economic Espionage in the Hovercraft Industry
The World Hovercraft Organization now serves as an information exchange to alert both consumers and manufacturers to counterfeit hovercraft on the market and to theft of trade secrets in the hovercraft industry. To read current alerts, or to report suspected espionage or counterfeiting, please see the

Hovercraft Ripoff Report


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