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Stay up to date with current and past news about hovercraft and air cushion vehicles in the World Hovercraft Organization's News Archives.

HoverWorld Insider, August 2006
DiscoverHover announces new communication programs
As membership in the World Hovercraft Organization's DiscoverHover program surpasses 1700 instructors and students in 55 nations, two new programs are established to let members connect with each other and with the worldwide hovercraft community: a Sister School Program and a Discussion Group

HoverWorld Insider, March 2006
School hovercraft programs open up the world
The immediate benefits of student-centered projects such as DiscoverHover are well known. But do these effects end with graduation? Not according to Hoverclub of America officers Marquis Songer and Jason Kuehn, who were introduced to hovercraft years ago in high school …

HoverWorld Insider, March 2006
DiscoverHover expands to 1500 schools in 44 countries
The World Hovercraft Organization's DiscoverHover international school hovercraft program gives students worldwide the educational opportunities that accompany the building of a hovercraft and racing it in established hovercraft races. The power and appeal of this unique youth opportunity is reflected in its current statistics …

HoverWorld Insider, April 2005
Learning Takes Flight: DiscoverHover International School Hovercraft Program
Since the World Hovercraft Organization launched the DiscoverHover program, thousands of students across the world are discovering hovercraft …

Tribune Star, 16 Aug. 2004, Terre Haute, Indiana
Nation-crossing hovercrafter stops in Terre Haute
Neoteric Hovercraft welcomes British explorer Robert Hodson to Terre Haute during his two-year, coast-to-coast exploration of America's rivers via hovercraft – the longest hovercraft trek in history … click here to see photos of his 3 week stopover.

The Daily Helmsman, 5 Aug. 2004, Memphis, Tennessee
Man explores U.S. rivers by hovercraft
It's not often that people drop their job and sell their house to go explore and witness the splendor of another country. But British native Robert Hudson is doing just that, with his two-year journey to explore U. S. rivers and waterways.

Tribune Star , 22 Jan 2004
Honing their craft: PaceCraft on way to Australia for hovercraft celebration
The HoverWorld Expo 2004 PaceCraft on Wednesday began a five-week journey that will span two oceans before its arrival in Australia for a yearlong celebration of hovercraft racing...

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