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CACTS 2002 International Symposium on Air Cushion Technology

a constituent society of the Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute

The Proceedings from the Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society 2002 International Symposium on Air Cushion Technology are now available online for downloading. The conference took place at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana USA in conjunction with World Hovercraft Week 2002, and included:

- The CACTS 1st World Symposium on Hovercraft Rescue
- The CACTS Symposium on Light ACV Technology
- The CACTS Symposium on Heavy ACV Technology

The Proceedings consist of all papers presented at the conference and transcriptions of all sessions. Topics include, but are not limited to:

- Hovercraft ice and swift water rescue techniques
- Military hovercraft and LCAC (landing craft air cushion)
- Hovercraft history and museums
- Hovercraft in icebreaking operations
- Wing in ground effect (WIG) hovercraft
- Emergency response/search and rescue hovercraft
- U.S. Border Patrol hovercraft in Homeland Security
- Racing and personal hovercraft design/construction
- Hovercraft school projects

To Preview Abstracts of the 2002 Symposium Proceedings click here.

Download Instructions
The Proceedings, published by the not-for-profit World Hovercraft Organization, are available to the general public for fee of $75US. This fee will be used entirely to help offset production and distribution costs.

The Proceedings consist of 199 pages, many in full color. You might consider having the document downloaded and printed at a copy shop such as Kinko's for approximately 15 cents US per page and 85 cents US for color pages.

To receive an Access Number for downloading your copy, click on the link below. After you submit the completed form and your information is processed, you will receive an email containing your one-time Access Number and a link to the download page. Please allow at least 48 hours for processing.

Before you proceed with your order, please read the Call for Papers invitation below.

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Call for Papers for the next CACTS Symposium on Air Cushion Technology in 2004

You are invited to consider submitting a paper for presentation at the 2004 CACTS Symposium on Air Cushion Technology. The 2004 Symposium will be held in Canberra, Australia in conjunction with HoverWorld Expo 2004. Patterned after World Hovercraft Week 2002, HoverWorld Expo 2004 is a weeklong commemoration of the world's first hovercraft race, which took place in Canberra in 1964, and will include the world's first international hovercraft endurance race. Papers addressing sport and racing hovercraft design are particularly encouraged. To understand more about the World Hovercraft Organization, Click Here.

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