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CACTS 2000 International Symposium on Air Cushion Technology - NEW!
(5.5mb .PDF)

The Proceedings from the CACTS 2000 Symposium review the past forty years of air cushion vehicle/hovercraft history and preview forthcoming developments and applications. Download 129 pages of information, diagrams and photos on topics including Light Hovercraft Noise Assessment … WIG (wing-in-ground) Hovercraft, Take-Off Technology … Transport Measures for the 21st Century … and much more.

CACTS 2002 International Symposium on Air Cushion Technology
(7mb .PDF)

Step inside the world of the international experts who are forging the future of hovercraft! Download from one location the most current information available on racing/personal hovercraft design … WIG hovercraft … military and Homeland Security hovercraft … school hovercraft projects … search and rescue techniques … and much more.
The Proceedings from the CACTS 2002 Symposium include 199 pages of ACV/hovercraft information, diagrams, full color photos, and transcriptions of all sessions during the 3-day Symposium.

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