But tragedy soon followed. Working As: 1. Juanita died quietly on Jan. 14 in Ocean Springs, Miss., her home for the last several years. Although widowed in 2000, Mamie’s life remained eventful for the next three years as she continued her activities with the Emmett Till Foundation. Carolyn, now known as Carolyn Bryant Donham, will turn 84 years old this month. Today there is still a need to witness how racism plagues the nation. The house was a converted into African American Methodist Church in Greenville’s black section. A year after the trial he reported that he was working odd jobs and had even gained 13 pounds since moving to the North. She and Roy Bryant divorced in 1979 and she has since remarried three times. After her divorce from Roy Bryant in 1975, she remarried at least twice. Bryant, who is still alive at an undisclosed location, told the author she could not remember other details about the fleeting encounter with Till, who went into the store to buy gum. She thought this wild story would make Roy take care of the store instead of leavin' her with the kids and the store. Sometime later, the family relocated to Vinton, Louisiana, just thirteen miles away, where Roy continued to weld for a steel company. I don’t know Carolyn Bryant’s current attitude toward blacks, or civil rights. He did not surface publicly until July 2001 when historians David and Linda Beito found him and interviewed him over the telephone. Kellum said this during a new era, however, and he noted with pride that blacks then served on juries, and that more were practicing law. In 1975, Juanita served as president of the local affiliate of the Mississippi Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association. He had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease since the late 1980s and died in February 2003. “In those days you didn’t win elections, you bought them,” he told his colleagues. As to the charges against him, however, “He knows he has made a mistake.”. That night at the store, however, Carolyn went to a car that she said belonged to Juanita, to get a gun. Living alone, he did the best he could but in time his eyesight began to wane, and other health problems made it difficult for him to keep up his one-bedroom apartment. Lasting romantic love eluded Carolyn, however. Roy Bryant. She later sold her home on Purcell Street and eventually moved to Ocean Springs, Mississippi. One time while home alone he lost his balance and fell. A year after the murder trial, co-defendant J.W. He had been fishing alone in his boat and for reasons unknown, fell overboard as he headed back to shore. His family eventually placed him in the White Oak Nursing Home in Indian Head Park. For years he made a living in Dayton as a junkman. “I just didn’t want to do it,” he later said with regret. On Aug. 20, 1955, Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black youth from Chicago arrived in Money, Miss., by train, along with a cousin, 16-year-old Wheeler Parker Jr. Roy Bryant, this vile animal is responsible for the murder of Emmett Till . u/Pax56. Contrary to popular belief, Wright says, nobody dared his cousin to flirt with Bryant. The five defense attorneys who represented Milam and Bryant remained in Sumner. Strider also maintained that the governor of Illinois refused to extradite the mysterious gunman back to Mississippi for trial, thus the entire matter was dropped. He saw when Carolyn – the young wife of storeowner, Roy Bryant – stepped outside. Both men are now deceased. Donham's then-husband, Roy Bryant, and his half-brother, J.W. Support Provided by: Learn More Milam was living on a farm between Ruleville and Cleveland. Milam were wrongly acquitted of Till's murder, and after they were acquitted, they didn't feel any need to pretend … Kellum. After a very long and painful illness, he succumbed to cancer on New Year’s Eve, 1980 at age 61. In 1975 Till-Mobley earned a master’s degree in administration and supervision from Loyola University, with an additional 45 credits toward a doctorate. This thread is archived. Emmett Till would have been 79 years old on July 25 if it wasn’t for Carolyn Bryant. Yet Strider would have been happy to rid the Delta of its black citizens. A cat had a miraculous escape when his owner's home was ripped apart in an explosion on New Year's Day. I never got half of what they say was contributed. Till-Mobley created an additional way of keeping her son’s memory alive by establishing a performing group in 1973, the Emmett Till Players, made up of children who memorized and recited the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Over the years they performed at schools and churches, and a decade after its founding, Till-Mobley estimated that over 200 children had been part of the troupe. Her name now is Carolyn Donham. While working in the intensive care unit in 1971, he met Juliet Mendenhall, then a nurse’s aide. In 1971, Greenville Mayor Pat Dunne declared Feb. 14-20 as National Beauty Salon Week, and Juanita served as chairwoman. Most people visit museums not to dwell on death but to learn about what people did while alive. Carolyn suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, is losing her eyesight, and mostly relies on a wheelchair. They live in the back of the store which Roy's brothers helped set up when he got out of the 82nd Airborne in 1953. Till's shocking murder became national and then international news after his mother insisted on an open-casket funeral so the world could see what happened to her son. Bryant had retained state senator Robert L. Crook of Ruleville as his counsel. Carolyn Bryant was born in Indianola, Mississippi, in 1934. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. She learned American Sign Language and became very proficient at it so that she could communicate with her daughter. A Northerner unfamiliar with Southern etiquette, he then waved, said "goodbye" (not "goodbye, ma'am"), and, according to family members, directed a wolf-whistle at the young white woman. By the time the Milams returned to Mississippi a decade after the Till trial, the outrage over the murder had subsided, and they were able to live quietly, for the most part. The four-paragraph article in the Delta Democrat–Times reporting the accident mentioned nothing of the Bryants’ notoriety in the Till case, although the Chicago Defender shortly learned of the story and reported that fact. Leslie, so weak that he could barely whisper, was nevertheless anxious to talk and immediately told Hubble that he wanted to get something off his chest. She also was quite talented at making jewelry, which she sold at arts and craft shows until the early 2000s. She earned her degree in January 1960 and began teaching, first at Carter Elementary and later at Scanlon School. Few had pity on them. When the FBI investigated the case from 2004–5, Carolyn became a focus. In 1984, the Emmett Till Players even performed in Mississippi. Juanita never remarried after J.W.’s death, nor did she allow herself any further romance. I don’t want my name ever printed again in connection with the people involved in this case.”. Roy was granted visitation and ordered to pay $75 per month in child support beginning Nov. 1. "The only way I can figure it is that she did not want to take care of the store. level 1. Milam died in 1980 and Roy Bryant in 1994. Milam, on Aug. 28, 1955, grabbed Till from his great-uncle's home, carried him away and … Three days later, Till's beaten, swollen, and decomposing body surfaced in the Tallahatchie River and was discovered by a young fisherman. Although he did not allude to his father’s suicide, Smith’s son, Bruce, explained in 2005 that his father had been battling alcoholism. He again denied that he had anything to do with the murder and matter-of-factly said, “I have no idea” who killed the Chicago youth when the reporter asked. An active Methodist, she bought a keyboard and learned to play a few hymns to help her congregation enjoy the benefit of music.