Exemptions. Lv 5. TWIC is not necessary for individuals who work in guest services, like housekeeping, food preparation or entertainment. A TWIC features both a computer chip and a magnetized bar which contain the holder's biometric data, so it can be either scanned or swiped at access points. The Need for Honesty; What is a TWIC Card? 22 open jobs for Entry level twic in Houston. Port facility employees are responsible for managing a port and ensuring its productivity. Upon enrollment, you will be asked to present a United States passport or driver's license and birth certificate. Change or cancel an existing appointment. This card is issued by the United States Transportation Security Administration and the United States Coast Guard. After the cargo is loaded in their trailers, they are tasked with driving it to its destination. TWIC Card Requirements. To minimize your wait time, you may want to make an appointment in advance. A TWIC is a Transportation Worker Identity Card. For more information, see the, Land Transportation (div. ft. keeping it 100 experiences. If your employer does not require you to carry TWIC, you still might decide to pursue the credential to increase your professional qualifications. It is recommended that you renew your TWIC well before it expires to ensure that your security clearance always remains valid while you are working. Answer Save. New twic card holders careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com. Fast forward 5 years, the original TWIC cards are now expiring, and there are still no machines installed that can read the TWIC cards at the security checkpoints – so the card is expensive and useless. Some work environments like ports, some labs, national security facilities, federal buildings, and hospitals, most times have workers to go through intense security checks before entry. There is an exemption to the requirements regarding holding a TWIC prior to applying for a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). To be eligible for a TWIC card, you must be a U.S. citizen, a lawful permanent resident, or a non-immigrant alien who is in lawful status. Cancel Search. Pipefitter Helpers perform a variety of tasks at all kinds of construction sites. And, the mariners with the TWIC cards are of course en route all around the world. Still have questions? Port facility employees include warehouse managers, port authority officials, customs officers, administrative professionals, computer technicians and many others. Longshore workers spend their days docking ships, loading and unloading cargo, checking ship manifests and inspecting cargo for damage. It simply means that you have been cleared by the US federal government to work in ports and shipping areas. Active Listening Skills: Definition and Examples, A U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, naturalized citizen or a nonimmigrant alien or refugee who is in lawful status, Able to present proof of identity and residency, Able to pass a thorough background and security check. It is administered after a background check by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to those who need unrestricted access to maritime areas, including ports, port facilities, boats, and continental shelf facilities. Applicants who are eligible to apply are U.S. citizens, lawful permanent U.S. residents, naturalized U.S. citizens or nonimmigrant aliens, asylum seekers or refugees who have lawful status. A TWIC or a Transportation Worker Identification Credential won't "get" you a job. This position requires you to have a TWIC card (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) to gain access to secure… Using this information, they will then conduct thorough background security checks.