Find out more about this must-see attraction in Warsaw on the official website. And how can I forget “Ulubiona”. These super cool cult Żuk fire trucks will bring you off the beaten path, where you will learn stories of life under communism and discover Warsaw's most dynamic corners. Wish you the best time in Warsaw , This is a great list and in general your website is really useful. The actual exhibition will carry you through 1000 years of Jewish history in Poland. Thanks for the recommendations , Hi Jon! Starting at the quirky Palm Tree in the south, this avenue heads north past some of Warsaw’s most important sights, ending at the Old Town. In Warsaw, there are more than 70 museums you can choose from. To choose a beer with such a large choice it’s always a challenge for me. Today, besides the traditional kind, there are many more varieties. From May to August the weather is the best, with temperatures around 20-25 degrees celsius. Almost totally destroyed in World War II, the city’s Old Town, New Town, Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat areas have been reconstructed so beautifully it’s hard to … If you come to Warsaw during the weekend, do  not miss our weekend guide with the best events in Warsaw. In the last decade, Warsaw transformed itself into the third best city in the world for vegan and vegetarian cuisine (according to the number of Vegan Restaurants per capita and other factors)! I have seen the majority of them and I have to admit that I’m in love with Warsaw and its vibe. “Pawilony” is a place where locals, expats, and a few lucky tourists come together. NOTE: Be aware that even though the market officially closes at 7 pm, you should definitely come here in the morning: most of the merchants are actual farmers and in order to get here they have to get up crazy early in the morning. There are other great places to eat amazing hearty Polish food all over the city. Every 1st of August, the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, a fire is lit and it burns for 63 days, which is the exact lenght of the Uprising. I suggest you go to Pomost 511 or Cud nad Wisłą (two cool bars just next to each other on the left side of the river). Do you want to join an organized bike tour? Los Angeles 62 things to see & do. So come in winter if you want to see Warsaw at its prettiest! 25 Best Things to Do in Warsaw (Poland): Old Town, Warsaw: fotorince / shutterstock Adam Mickiewicz Monument Along The Royal Route, Warsaw: MG Africa / shutterstock The months from November to February are really cold, but the city is fascinating thanks to its record-breaking Christmas decorations all over the city. Madrid 49 things to see & do. Warsaw Old Town - The Ancient Heart of the Capital Updated 7th Dec • 2 min . The POLIN – also called “Museum of the History of Polish Jews” – lies on the grounds where the Jewish district used to be in pre-war Warsaw. The name of this dish probably derives from the Polish verb "to drink", making pierogi the ultimate choice for party food. Pan tu nie stał (address: Koszykowa 34/50) – mainly unique Polish inspired clothing and accessories. "Prasowy" Bar Mleczny in Marszałkowska Street. Some year ago a moose was spotted swimming in the river (youtube video)! Clear Dates. When you do find it, don’t just snap a picture and leave, as most people do. Thanks to the amazing architecture, you will already be deep into the exhibition before you even pay for your ticket! If you want to have a delicious overview of what Polish food tastes like, you could go to this Warsaw Food Tour and sample the icons of Polish cuisine (the tour guides are absolute Warsaw experts as well!). You can even learn to make Vegan pierogi from scratch! Thanks for in depth knoledge, Thanks Tatiana! It teaches the history of Krakow and is located next to the Krakow Cloth Hall. By the way! It is not a major tourist attraction nor a must-see landmark, it’s just a food market. Read Reviews of Truman Lake. Bring your own food and a blanket. Warsaw; Things to do; Hotels; GO; Poland; Warsaw; 10 Best Things to Do in Warsaw What is Warsaw Most Famous For? The organizers strive to “show a film before it wins an Oscar” and they are proud of “not chasing filmmakers who are already famous”. The two Michelin Restaurants are both committed to organic Polish products and to providing experiences rather than just food. Veturilo means “vehicle” in Esperanto*. Budapest 50 things to see & do. Pictures from these viewpoints can be the best souvenir you’ll ever bring home. The access to the park is free all year around but each building has its own price. What you see from the street is just the back of the house. I actually find the whole thing quite entertaining! Or, even better, learn how to make them yourself (vegan version available as well). We use cookies. Uprising Mass. This might just be the best guide for any major city I’ve seen anywhere! The river bank on this side is rough, wild and authentic. I wish I had gotten here earlier, because I was on a trip to Poland two weeks ago. Warsaw Old Town looking festive during winter. During our class, you will learn how to make 3 different mouthwatering liqueurs – honey with spices, lemon, and caramel. Some of these attractions are free all year round, others are free for the whole month of November and most museums are free at least one day per week. And you can find everything from vegan pizza to vegan sushi. You might be the only person in the whole building, which totally makes it a great experience. These are some of the prettiest and unusual bookshops in Warsaw: Sure, most of the museums, attractions and the Old Town are on the left side of the Vistula river. However, if you like markets as much as I do, you should definitely drop by. Because of this incredible reconstruction, Warsaw is now called “A Phoenix that rose from its ashes” and its Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can read my full article about the Milk Bars in Warsaw. I’m glad you liked it. It will be a great opportunity to make friends during your trip . The Tibetan Gallery is an “open-air street art gallery” showing Tibetan culture, Tibetan history, and the atrocities happening today in Tibet. Or will I be forced to eat potatoes for a week?”. The cost is 20 PLN for the first hour and 10 additional PLN every 30 minutes. I visited Warsaw for New Year’s Eve and it was COLD – but very, very pretty The Warsaw Top 10 Cool & unique things to do. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. There is plenty of choice for all tastes. It is hard to describe the feeling when catching the sunset (or even sunrise) from the window facing the symbol of Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Sciences. Also I am going to share this blog immediately. If you want to drink with a big group of young travelers, you can also join this awesome Warsaw pub crawl. Replica of a B24 liberator inside the Uprising Museum. Architecture The 11 Most Iconic Statues in Warsaw, Poland. One is PiwPaw BeerHeaven which has 95 tap beers (Address: Foksal 16, Warsaw) and the other is PiwPaw Mazowiecka (address: Mazowiecka 9, Warsaw), which is right in the heart of party-Warsaw. What to pack for summer/spring in Warsaw: Check out more city guides by OddUrbanThings: After WWII Varsovians flooded the ruins of their city with one goal: to rebuild what the Nazis destroyed. Warsaw is the lively capital of Poland and the country's largest city. , Wow, that is a really comprehensive guide! If you love Tarantino movies, head to the “Pulp Fiction bar” (pl. You should also go have a look at the cool old “colosseums” (the one in the picture above), or to be more accurate, the old gas storage tanks. If you are looking for some quirky gifts, whether for yourself or for a friend, you should avoid getting the classical souvenirs (for example magnets or vodka shot glasses, there are plenty of these in the Old Town). Whether you prefer strolling inside luxurious shopping malls, or exploring flea markets in search of the rarest vintage find, Warsaw has it all. As soon as the temperature rises, the Vistula shores get out of their winter lethargy and explode with life. Barcelona 61 things to see & do. The crime rate, unemployment and living conditions of this neighborhood were the worst in the city. As you may already know, the Royal Castle – and the entire old town in Warsaw – was completely destroyed by Nazi Germany during WWII and rebuilt later on. Things to Do in Warsaw by Neighborhood: {{ strDropdownMenuText }} Sights. If you have some suggestion, please let us know! Local books about Warsaw are perfect if you want to remember all the amazing experiences from your trip. From my won experience I can say that best places to party are situated near Metro Nowy Świat-Uniwersystet and Metro Świętokrzyska. Or join the Warsaw Alternative Tour, which gives a very broad overview of life in those years and covers the most relevant spots. Early spring and late summer can be chilly (early April and late August). Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. That's a lot of sightseeing! Rundāle Palace. And if you are not Polish, you may not be familiar with it either. If you seek off the beaten track sights and activities Praga will be your favorite district in Warsaw. Between 1952 and 1989, Poland was called the Polish People's Republic. 5) POLIN - Museum of the History of Polish Jews, 8) Try the most traditional of Polish fast food, Zapiekanka, 10) Taste the Polish countryside at Hala Mirowska, 11) Indulge in international cuisine. “Pawilony” is a little area in Nowy Świat street with 25 tiny pubs! There will likely be snow from late November until March. Hope you found the info you were looking for in the post. We found 827 things to do for you near Old Town. Attraction Types. 2) Learn how to make Pierogi (Traditional Polish Dumplings) from scratch!