Anieara Oct 28 2020 8:11 am Inmyheart, dr Sep 03 2020 5:58 am Still on going, and I can not wait for the next eps every week ❤❤. that way you can actually see some of the character's developments (esp. Mona A. Jan 05 2021 9:00 pm If you like to answer comments first of all know how to interpret. Korean Movies. Joy Nov 22 2020 11:36 pm zi Nov 03 2020 1:16 am Jamse Dec 30 2020 1:13 am it was going so good before ep17 !! I know the drama is overblown and we always want to the to discover a turnaround first, but Anne is alive is an impossible fact. The audience is soaring, I am very proud of the writer and everyone who works in Penthouse. Mandy Dec 09 2020 4:20 pm I never once said in my comment that I hated her, nor that I assumed you wanted me to be fond of her. pinku Jan 03 2021 3:07 am Rich kids being evils is acceptable as they are spoiled by their parents. OYH and her daughter BRN keep messing with their own enemy then play victim. After joo dan tae switched the babies, she has been Soo Ryeon's "biological" daughter since birth. seeing oh yoon hee character transitions makes me feel cheon so jin and joo dan tae evilness not as bad as it should be.the good that turns monster is what freaking everyones out. War in life … The actor and actress are really great!!! I love Seok Hoon and Rona. Kim Na Na Jan 11 2021 6:16 am Of course I knew the annoying Hyun Soo wasn’t going to be accepted. Gosh...hope this drama end soon cos im looking forward to taxi deluxe drama, Jayden Lee Jan 02 2021 5:48 am Culture? Nuthouse Nov 02 2020 10:07 pm I support you writernim to get this until season 3.. lee Nov 30 2020 4:48 pm jin Jan 04 2021 6:54 pm Pan Nov 09 2020 12:44 am Absolutely looking forward for S2, can't wait for what's yet to come in the Penthouse! I guess i saw it wrong?.. I don't want to believe that Oh Yoon-Hee was the one who pushed Min Seol-A. I think the maid is Seok hoon and Seok kyung's real mother. Anyway, this drama is way better without a romance of these brats, esp. What bother me the most from episode 1 is they live in such a luxurious place, but people who don't live there can barge everytime, like, wtf? Dreamhigh Dec 22 2020 12:46 pm Probably like Arthdal chronicles, expanding more episodes etc. Stupid. Shippp is sailingggg. Charles Nov 02 2020 7:20 pm one of the highest rated 2020 drama before this drama. But it awsome overacting also i hoped to seok hoon ah and rona ya end up together malgré there problème betwin there parents.thanks, Jane Dec 13 2020 5:59 am I have a simple question but kinda annoys me to watch it as a 1st rated serie, when u moved Min Seol Ah (Anna Lee) dead body and get rid of the blood, didn't u have to have scene or acts to the broken glasses too? The writer literally showed you.. WowW. The maid. did you not see how she never trusted her mom and always believed what other people said instead of asking her mom? grllll power!! It's an amazing plot with great actor acting. do things like what students did happen? Just a wild guess tho. I like how the writer is true to what she feels. SPOILERS!!! It’s hilariously not my taste. My favorite character, I'm totally down to earth, why didn't he go with Logan. The showed no remorsed at alll. If your poor you will not have opportunity on any field even you're to talented. This drama's so greaaaattt. Are the characters really that evil? Anyone watching the drama just needs to be smart enough to see that, at Penthouse, the story doesn't positively empower villains. I wonder what the actors felt when they acted.. haha, I love it but i hate it Nov 10 2020 12:15 am lol just be smart and don't cry bloody tears for the success of others W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); I agree, Sugar cannot be overlooked. Very scary how the children if the hera palace bullying their math private teacher.. .not good if this film watched by age under 21. Carmen H Fernandez-Fernandez Jan 07 2021 5:54 pm My guess is she is using him and Joon might like her but its one sided. Rona is a real bitch! Joo Seok-Hoon & Joo Seok-Kyung were abused by the father whenever they cant deliver good result.. And there are also some moments of humor that I like a lot. This twin sister never bullied her directly. Went into this drama expecting something like sky castle which was wholly enjoyable( rewatched it 3 times). So that we can improve our services to provide you more entertainment. She is poor and as evil as rich kids. The last episodes have been dragging. I don't like where the story is going. Please let them talk, this screaming every single time they talk takes away the affect it has on me. Of course. No class at all when the writer wrote it. Wayer Amin Dec 04 2020 5:55 pm I am also not quite sure whether the scene with Oh Yoon Hee which we saw at the end was the truth? beacause people are starting to make false statements that on the poster of penthouse only yoon hee is standing with the man and all the woman are sitting down this is really confusing, Mandy Dec 30 2020 8:37 am Cheon Seo-Jin (Kim So-Yeon) was born into a wealthy family. I wish the protagonists were more strong-willed, like Eugene! And Eugene I like her too. ???????????? I don't know if this Drama is supposed to be a critique of capitalism but if that's the intention then the packaging really sucks in my opinion, Nine Nov 05 2020 2:40 pm I am very dissapointed with the finale. I quite watching kdrama after this one ... I’m disappointed, Yurihan Jan 06 2021 2:21 pm I love drama and I have always defended it, but if it continues like that, unfortunately I will have to stop watching because even if it is an unreal drama I want justice and because I cannot stand stories that romanticize and normalize disgusting and cruel people without any punishment. logically logan lee is still seol ah brother even tho he's a step brother. Cheon Seo Jin, the prima donna of the residence, does all she can to give everything to her daughter. The last episode of season 1 might give us hint that Yoon hee is not the real killer.. even the identity of the woman with a butterfly tattoo and the photo Logan found on Jo Dante's safe still not yet fully revealed... Suryeon is queen Dec 30 2020 4:44 pm I don’t get why everyone hates this drama and hates the twin. yaga Nov 18 2020 10:56 am Lee Ji Ah, Eugene, and Kim So Yeon especially stole the show with their superb acting. Unless they have ever marketed Penthouse as some socially woke drama before, then this drama does its job right. I don't understand, but it is your choice. its just Seojin and other rich adults and their children at Cheong ah arts are treating her unfairly. We see Anna Lee being pushed off the balcony to her death, however, most of the story focuses on characters we don't care as much about. 4. I just finished ep 1-4 last night it's quite fun to watch I like it. Hera Dec 30 2020 4:36 pm So if Soo Ryeon has a twin that she doesnt know about then why didnt joo dan tae just stay with the twin? Nomnom Jan 05 2021 10:14 pm In my opinion, I appreciate the writer who came up with an idea of highlighting some rich people who abuse power. But I think what it needs to improve is the plotting of the story. Its a kind of show that you will hate but still ending up watching it. 47ik Nov 02 2020 10:50 pm and 2 more seasons, for what? Did Oh yon hee really killed min soel a!??? Penthouse: War In Life Kila Nov 03 2020 9:26 pm Damn.. jinkee mallare Nov 16 2020 11:03 am All the characters seem unrealistic to me. Korean are good people! Cheon Seo-Jin dream of Cheong A foundation were tarnished, return to the sister when the will of her dad was found etc. Kimi Nov 25 2020 12:03 am ? But who know maybe Dr Ha kill min seol Ah because want to make her first love happy .if min seol ah die, Rona will enter that Cheong A school and ofcourse Yoon hee was happy.. And about that necklace, i think Dr Ha accidently take the necklace and that night he was with Yoon Hee and that time Yoon Hee was druken and accidentally take that apple necklace. So happy to see lee jiah again.. And finally she became main lead.. Minn Dec 08 2020 9:03 am Dear writer-nim, I watched the last empress, and i thought, "ah...i don't like such kind of this drama". It does look promising but it takes away the exciting or the good impression because of the story flow and actors. The Penthouse is not a sophisticated drama, but it is a quality drama and has many merits for the attention it is receiving. Well deserved, Jenny Dec 31 2020 6:28 pm Kim So Yeon, wish you successful, safe and happy filming! Btw this drama have 3 season. It's nothing special anymore. Sumayah Nov 27 2020 10:22 pm Joey Nov 10 2020 8:41 am Just asking is this really Korean culture to be so mean and high and mighty if your in a status of being rich. Kimi Nov 28 2020 8:32 pm By watching only 2 -3 episodes I can tell she probably the same writer as Last Empress . For me this is a combination of Sky Castle and Class of Lies if you know what I mean kkk. He's also the guy who was sitting in Hera Palace lobby when one of the chambermaids found Seol Ah's phone. .. Even if he’s handsome, there’s no way a person will like a bully. There's a quote "what goes around comes around " It's one thing to make a mistake and it's another thing to backstab someone just to cover your tracks. @aaa and @joey ♡. I am satisfied even now the drama is very strong but I see a more mature and well thought out writing I just hope it continues keep it up. That way, she could have acted extremely and killed a person to get what she wants. I think the maid is the twin's mother. I really love penthouse in the story of it, saranghae, Bella Jan 03 2021 5:24 am Jungtae Nov 10 2020 10:14 am ?why i have the feeling she will end up get involve with joo dan tae. This has a bad implication to rich people. My question is.... Why..? Lisa S Jan 06 2021 7:53 am Dollar store Sky Castle! michelle Dec 28 2020 11:32 pm stan enhypen Dec 23 2020 2:41 am More subsequent episodes to cover this drama . I think all the actors was great that’s why I was able to hate this drama so much. Delayed Justice cast will give a lesson to Ms.Cheon and Mr.Jo, SSR Jan 06 2021 3:18 am I can't wait for the episode 29!!!!!!! But I believe that hatred is really unnecessary for the reason I mentioned earlier, even though she is not a pleasant character to watch. How would the maid know that the kids were the if she was ‘grocery shopping’. I mean it's not meant to be realistic, however, the acting is so realistic that this show makes you go "man, I hate rich people". Alma muah Dec 13 2020 8:36 pm The accuracy of the cast members(mail leads or not) is worth a gold medal for whoever wrote it and searched for it. They love shoving off things from the table! No one makes me uncomfortable with their acting. Vei Dec 08 2020 9:58 am I don't get it Oh Yoon-Hee killed the girl. huhuhuh.I want the antogonists to suffer what they have done. OMG! The residents of Hera Palace, a luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors, have many secrets and hidden ambitions. They never talk normal, they drag people withouth any real reason and when its time to explain why they drag, they will scream more. I know he is a bully but he is starting to realize what he has done and I think he would make up for that. it was good at first but near the end the plot twist kinda look forced??? I hope season 2 and 3 does not centre on those children, and wish the actress of Seol Ah could come back as another character, she acts well and her voice is really adorable. Korean Drama List Korean Drama Movies Korean Dramas Kdrama Web Drama Mysterious Girl Opera Singers The A Team Drama Series. Nothing new with the story line. Run Jan 06 2021 9:06 am You just don't appreciate the artistry of this drama. Yoonee being the alleged is just bad writing. i watch every single minute and really love all acting of the actors and actress .. perfect. //]]>. Don't try too hard. I'm really looking forward to the next episode. But I don't like the sad face of the villains because I don't think it's right to feel sorry for bad people. 6.9K likes. everytime when min seol a having a hard time, or when she appears i always cried, like really cried having so much tears <\\33 maybe min seol a role goes well with my feeling that's why or she act really well and ate hear role up ?? Actually she is kinda pitiful.. luckily season 2 comes fast. These immature adults and kids act like some lower class is gonna steal their life and least make this drama more realistic..why make it seem like they have no life and get upset when someone poorer is better than them.... Tgelover Nov 03 2020 5:18 pm But is this how people really act? Adding the contrast with the lower class was somewhat smart, it separated this drama from just filthy rich to a mother's love for her children. This drama is unlike so many k-dramas and is truly one of a kind. Charmaine Dec 07 2020 8:09 pm Since when did your parents' actions define you? I hope, this kdrama it has in netflix. its a very very nice drama. HAHA. That would be a weird/ awful couple and Bae would get abused just like Joon treat his kids. Waste so many wonderful actors/actress with degraded story. Seriously I dont think and I hope Yoon Hee is just having an unreliable memory. dudeeee I thought Yoon Jong-Hoon is in his late twenties, that's why I was surprised when watching him show up as Cheon Seo-Jin's husband. Noooooooooooooo. at this rate, i won't surprise anymore if they find time machine to bring SSR back, Alaa Jan 06 2021 3:00 pm In this drama I hate her so much that means her acting excellent. I'll keep watching to know whether the character become more intelligent or simply doing revenge with empty brain. To the people who think this is unrealistic, it is not, and that's the point. i think seok kyung was fighting with min seola and seok hoon saw and tried to break the fight but ended up pushing min seola down?????? Bae Ro Na Is Still Annoying As Frick. intense! Even if he stop participating in bullying Ro Na, he still participates in bullying other kids, no? Also I cannot understand the criticism towards this drama? Nim-Nim Dec 04 2020 11:01 pm Some justice he victims dead and alive! Rich kids being evils is acceptable as they are spoiled by their parents. Suryeon you are the only one who's good here. However, her father’s sudden death leaves her on a crucial crossroad in her life. So keep watch KissAsian Dramas and Drama Cool videos online Free. So even if I like Eugene, I’ll pass on this. the drama too dramatic and not make sense. What if the house maid was behind all this mess? i also love shows that are unpredictable. Jay Dec 20 2020 8:36 am I met cruel manager in my first job who doesnt know meaning of humanity. Would you guys fall in love with your former bully? She is beautiful, smart, and charming. I want to see her till the end. The audience is loving Seok Hoon, but they forget that he was bullying Min Seola and cruel to her and he's not being honest with Ro Na, he's just playing with her. to notice the good things in something that you didn't even notice it? Full of surprising scenes just like Anna lee I think lee hi ah keeps her and she's in the bed resting I feel like shes still alive. I also tried to answer your claim, that I may have misinterpreted, that "people hate on Rona cause she's the daughter of an evil character", is that what you were trying to say? wooooaahhh it's so thrilling! Hope he will revenge for min seol a.! Real question is who is the twins real mom? I stan all the rich families in this drama. I like the drama, it's my style. They will just end up abroad anyway and don’t have to earn a cent. Both of them are great but, I like The Penthouse more because its faster and shorter than the other dramas.