I just look at that 100,000 inverters from Schneider and then add on the Xantrex inverters that they bought. Maybe I get better service from Squard D division due to the fact I have accounts at major Schneider stocking distributors. Looking for someone in your area who can help you with an upcoming project or opportunity? Curious to learn more about Pelco? If you purchased a home with a solar system and need monitoring access, please send a proof of purchase that shows the sale has been completed to support@solaredge.com.Make sure to include all of your applicable information including your name, email, address, and SolarEdge inverter serial number. All Rights Reserved. support@solaredge.net.au. We’re constantly creating and innovating more effective and affordable ways to learn. Contact Caterpillar Safety Services Our safety experts are on hand to help. They know they need one just for the Solar division and leave out all of the other 90% that is not related. Outside US. Tech Support List. I have seen this happen in other markets. 8900 Amberglen Blvd. … Close. Video Tutorials. The tech rep told me that they had problems with that motor logic controller on some delta hi-leg systems and they wanted the defective part back for analysis along with my volts/amps readings at failure time. My experience goes out worldwide for close to 30 years. My experience (as Technodave above) is that once the gear is properly configured, it just works and works. Copyright © Xantrex LLC. Enhanced Grid Support: It will use my system to support the grid support until there is no more power from the solar panels. DACH & Rest of Europe. Burnaby, BC. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for a reply. The Xantrex support pages are your gateway to access our comprehensive resource of technical documents including FAQs, white papers, installation manuals etc. We are just a call or email away if you cannot resolve your problem using available information on the support pages. For technical assistance with your solar system, submit a request. It is funny, the way things are different by region. 1-800-SUNPOWER (1-800-786-7693) … Toll Free: 1-800-670-0707. Region. Leverage Schneider Electric’s worldwide network. Talkaphone Products FAQYou can also search Talkaphone's FAQ database to find answers to commonly asked questions about a wide variety … Service Desk Support Site support@samanage.com Phone (Americas): +1-888-250-8971 Phone (EMEA): +31-10-8920398 Phone (APAC): +61-2-8520-3684 Pelco Corporate 625 W. Alluvial Ave Fresno, CA 93711. NOTE - PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE XANTREX CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC/CONEXT PRODUCTS. FOR SUPPORT, click this link. New Zealand. 2125 East Katella Ave. Suite 220. Find product guides, documentation, training, onboarding information, and support articles. And a farmer looking at losing his berry crop fail due to the water pump controller. Please note that for products under warranty, we require Xantrex product part number and proof of purchase or date of vehicle registration at the time of your call. But for somebody who wants to set and forget, and have us come by once in a while, they work. ABB solar power solutions. I never pursued it any more. Call SolarTech at 610-391-8602 and you will be connected with a member of the Support Team. 800-383-0195. E+PLC. Leverage Schneider Electric’s worldwide network. But all have "special" circumstances so I don't know if the hatred is deserved. Phone: 1-860-295-6102; Email: info@imshome.com Tech Support Forum: http://www.mkbattery.com/content_container.php?page=downloads-and-technical-reference ProSolar (805)486-4700 S5! After a lot of waiting we got a very non-specific email that our "case" was closed. Quick links for solar professionals, troubleshooting, MyEnlighten, product documentation, warranty information. Call 13 73 28 Get to know us . These are our most experienced technicians who will determine how your issue will be resolved: Repair instructions over the phone. Use the online “Support Request” form for specific solution suggestions or send your technical question directly to a product specialist in technical support. We cannot assist without this information. Support Enquiries. . ** Schneider Electric uses the personal information that you provide us to address your requests to interact with you, and to provide you with better service if you contact us again. * We highly suggest you call in and schedule a pick up date and time to prevent delays. 325 3rd Floor. 2S6P Sharp NE-170/NE-165, 1ea. Global Schneider Electric Our website uses cookies delivered by us and by third parties. But the company sure did not want to support us back in those days. You receive assistance in your automation tasks with applications, examples, technical documentation, software updates and FAQs. Please note that for products under warranty, we require Xantrex product part number and proof of purchase or date of vehicle registration at the time of your call. Register your product, view your support cases, manage support entitlements, browse for services and more. & Canada. There will be a small subset that have issues and mostly at the installation. 600 volt controllers and 2 ea. Find solutions to common problems, or get help from a support agent. Operation hours: 08:30 - 17:30 AEST. They also just work. If you looking for a document for other modes, you can register for our online portal here. EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance … Not so with the solar division! Sales Enquiries. Business Phone +1 (559) 292-1981 +1 (800) 289-9100 (Toll Free USA) Technical Support. You can call Schneider Electric at (877) 272-2722 toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website www.schneider-electric.com, or write a letter to 35 Rue Joseph Monier, Rueil-Malmaison, Ile-De-France, 92506, France. Phone: 1-714-787-3800. Headquarters. For all SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Solar and off-grid technical support, please write to solarsupport-emea@schneider-electric.com . If you can’t find an answer, log into your Tesla Account to submit a question. Both InsightHome and InsightFacility are smart edge devices that connect customers' Schneider Electric solar and storage systems to the Insight app. APC by Schneider Electric offers extensive access to FAQs, software and firmware, and other resources, plus directcontact with product support teams. Live Chat Support. Complete this form to submit a question to Cuddeback support. Write a review on Schneider Electric or ask a question. Overview of ABB's utility-scale PV solutions. Chat hours are Monday through Friday 9AM – 5PM EST. Go back to when Xantrex bought Trace and they are definitely going to be there. we're offering maximum $250 freight shipping on orders $5000+ & free ground shipping for orders $500+ My Requisition Lists ; Sign In ; Installers; Solar Forum; Support; Get A Quote; Toggle Nav. Also, contacting Schneider support is not something that I can just easily do. The system supporting the end-user is in Madrid for the moment. Thanks in advance. To find out more, contact us today! I really want to like Schneider gear. You are at the right place. All inquiries are logged and have a unique number for easier reference. It does little to help your situation if you don't do something proactive as Schneider does not monitor this forum. Israel . Just that the platform is getting rather dated, and I have the same reservations about SMA as a company as Schneider. ussupport@solaredge.com +1.510.498.3200. Search. Your tech support department is not reachable by phone. Search. You can call us for more detail at 800-558-6767. As a practicing electrical technician, I am not an end user. support … They are no good for novices or DIY. Solar-Powered Innovation Since 1990 WARNING Any and all products, assemblies, subassemblies, parts, components, documents, etc. Want to download the latest firmware or do you want to know more about power factor corrected charging? Both are Schneider and communicate between them. If you are looking for an LTL load document, please register or login to orangehub.schneider.com. For now, the high end user gets SMA here, and we are waiting for the Midnite B17 as patiently as possible. USA 46516. I buy my product from my local stocking distributor and rarely had an issue with Square D product and do not deal with Schneider directly. My Cart. Yes I am in Santa Cruz County a bit to the south, nearer to Watsonville...in Freedom and Pajaro. BBB accredited since 5/25/2012. FIRST: Call us and describe the problem. That did not seem to matter to the rep. See what drives us. If you are tracking an LTL load, please register or login to orangehub.schneider.com.If you are tracking freight for other modes, you can register for our online tracking here.. … I have allways got my technical problems solved even having replacement Equiptment drop shipped directly to me. The Conext™ ComBox is a powerful communication and monitoring device for installers and operators of Conext solar systems. Access the Success Center; Orion Assistance Program; SmartStart Onboarding; Support Offerings; Technical Support. I maintain one system that is mostly Schneider but the problem area which I was hired to support was the battery bank. Email. customerservice@xantrex.com. Bad taste lingers a very long time, especially in a specialized market like this. Contact Us Apollo 600+ Support PATGuard 3 Support Desk Test n Tag Support PV150 Support PV200 Support Pay Online × Home Products PAT Testing Solar … 4/6P Sanyo HIT 200, MagnaSine MS4024AE, Exeltech XP-1100,  2 Banks L-16 battery, Rolls-Surette S-530 and Interstate Traction, Shunts with whizbangJr and Bogart Tri-Metric, iCharger i208B  dc-dc buck/boost converter with BMS for small form lithium 8S 16650 or LiFePO4, Solar Information links & sources, event announcements, https://solar.schneider-electric.com/installer-registration/, https://forum.solar-electric.com/discussion/comment/396958#Comment_396958, Or the email response instruction not clear, Are they able to call and reach a technician. Contact AT&T by phone or live chat to order new service, track orders, and get customer service, billing and tech support. If you encounter problems with your Solar Smart Monitor you can contact us here: 1300 651 137 1300 651 137 support@solaranalytics.com.au. View Map. Level of entitlement is dependent on enrollment in the Schneider Electric Customer FIRST Support and Services Program. Foxboro Field Devices. This has been horrible. For assistance with: RMA / Return Material Authorization Requests, Repair Policy and order status questions. Residential and Small Business. No one has to agree about anything. Customer Support. 2 Classic 150, 2 Kid, 5 arrays 7.5 kw total  2ea. Contact Cuddeback Support. Their variable frequency AC coupling makes them really nice for distant solar arrays. Operation hours: 08:30 - 17:00 IST. Intersolar 2014: Towards a complete solution for solar projects. Location. A bit different to commision a $50K+ power system than what you were taught in a CE class. 12P Sanyo HIT 200,  2ea. Live support is available Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time. For assistance with: RMA / Return Material Authorization Requests, Repair Policy and order status questions. Contact Microsoft Support. Return the part for us to repair. Live Chat by Comm100 Live ChatNeed Help? Need technical information on our products? InsightHome targets the residential solar and storage market globally. What kind of service are you looking for? They are trying to address DIY this a bit. Austin, TX 78729. Please DO NOT fill out form below for technical support assistance. Brochures and Manuals. (i.e. Operation hours: 05:00am-05:00pm PST. Modularity, a key feature of utility scale solar PV inverters. Frequently Asked Questions: Home Solar Download the latest guide SUNPOWER FAQS. Technical Support. 0800144875. Have a question or problem with a Cuddeback product? It was a dismal array and ended up buying a new single bank of 2 volt batteries to replace multiple strings of matched but incorrectly wired Trojan L-16's The Schneider controllers and inverters work flawlessly.....2 ea. Phone Number: Email Address: Notes: Product: Reason: Fault Code: RMA Number: Resolution: Follow Up? Phone. We offer services in over 110 countries providing 6,000 Solar experts in all regions / time zones. General Email. 8 kW inverters.......big array way up the hill in good sun....4 houses down below. Whether you need answers, information or documentation, the best place to start is right here. This may explain why it has been harder for some to get support from Schneider. I think they are a bit short on being right about their decision. Part of the problem for support is they moved their support facility out of California to Denver. Customers without an active service agreement will have limited access. Higher Education Products & Services. If you have not yet registered, please use the links provided to submit your registration form. Where can I access documents associated with my load? Square D is a manufacturer of electrical distribution, industrial control and automation products I see it as a huge quantity of Inverters and there. Call our Customer Support Team on 13 73 28 (13 SEAU) We're available 7:30am to 7:00pm (Mon to Fri) AEST. Very pleased with Square D and Multi-9 division support. I had only one failure due to design and Schneider got on it and shipped the replacement part that day. Support For all SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Solar and off-grid technical support, please write to solarsupport-emea@schneider-electric.com . Technical Support. Eurotherm by Schneider Electric are always enhancing and developing products and solutions as technologies progress, this results in some older product ranges becoming obsolete – More information on these ranges are available in our Obsolete Product section > Discontinued Products > Obsolescence Procedure. My distributor gives me numbers to call for technical help on all the Schneider products that I use. Schneider controllers and inverters look real good but I wonder about end user support, I didn't find any! Early XW60xxs got kind of a bad rap, I personally know of about 3 of them, and all 3 have had major/stupid problems. Call Us! If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! : Close. I think the difference in technical help from the Schneider solar department and the other divisions is stark! We did try to register as an installer a while back, right after they dropped general support. They just decided it was taking too much time. Please DO NOT fill out form below for technical support assistance. Need Help? Go! 773-539-1100Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5:00pm Central TimeTalkaphone WarrantyVisit the Warranty Page for more information regarding Talkaphone Product Warranty, Warranty Registration, and Product Repair Service. Protect your solar investment with Schneider Electric’s worldwide network. I have not had an issue other than the land line they published di not work at first. At this point I don't search....I get MidNite gear. We offer services in over 110 countries providing 6,000 Solar … https://solar.schneider-electric.com/installer-registration/ The 866-519-1470 phone number has not changed, and a new number 833-391-8640 has been added. How can we help you? You can call us for more detail at 800-558-6767. It takes alot of effort to support DIY and they have made the decision over the years to concentrate on the Pro market. Resources. For purchases or sales enquires please contact us here: 1300 651 137 1300 651 137 sales@solaranalytics.com.au. 541 Roske Drive, Suite A. Elkhart, Indiana. Solar in not my mainstay. or visit our Support page. Phone: 1-860-295-6102; Email: info@imshome.com I have never been asked to register my company with them. Just in case my system is a XW6848 (inverter), 2 MPPT 60 (charge controllers). Renew to download the latest product features, get 24/7 tech support, and access to instructor-led training. You can call, send an email, or make an online contact request to the contact centre who will ensure you are connected to the right person. Canada V5G 4M1. To find out more information about a specific country contact center simply click on the country name. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. Run Your Car on Sunshine Manage Your SolarEdge PV System ... We're Here to Support. All the others are grid tie exclusively. Search. We’re here to help! Serial Number; Failure information (fault and alarm codes, descriptions) For the best support it is recommended that the call be made while at the equipment in question; Applications Engineering Support Contact Info. We are trying in our business to move toward full professional installation jobs where it just works and the end user does not have to do anything. I miss the old Xantrex user forum because it was a great place (like wind and sun) to get information. For RMA requests, ordering help, and all other inquiries, please contact your account manager. This, in my opinion, is a Totally inappropriate way to handle technical assistance for this kind of equipment, because it is the lifeline for people living off grid. Anaheim, CA 92806. The Result - as of today, Jan 5, 2019 There is effectively no tech support of Schneider Electric Inverter/Chargers. There is no knowledge pool here. Please get in touch if you'd like more information about our products and services, to arrange a demo of SafelyHome, or to discuss how we can help your organization achieve safety excellence. Grid Support Solar Inverter List; SGIP Public Equipment List; Sunspec Rapid Shutdown Testing; Warranty Information . Find answers online to questions about purchasing, delivery, ownership and product support.. Super service! I do not know why but can guess that Colorado is much more of a business climate and an employee can still buy a home there. Stay up to date on the latest stock price, chart, news, analysis, fundamentals, trading and investment tools. (888)825-3432 Technical Support Email: support@s-5.com Samlex America (800)561-5885 Tech Support Email: tech@samlexamerica.com Schneider Electric (877)342-5173 Live support is available Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time. Contactor Miniature LP1 3 HP at 575/600 VAC, 3-Ph 24 VDC 1NO, TeSys K Series Sol-Ark 12K Warranty; Sol-Ark 8K Warranty; PCC 230 Battery Warranty (Use with EMP Hardened Systems) Click to download the Solar Install Verification list for installers; Click to register your Sol-Ark! My fear with giant corporations supporting small niche markets like this is one day they will just decide to orphan it completely, without warning. Are they going to keep it around. Contact Customer Support. The UK Contact Centre is an easy-to-use, single point of contact to all sales, service and internal support teams. Excellence, integrity, safety, respect. thanks much for the response, I do understand the issues with end user support. Alot of time building the best/most inverters in the world. 1-800-670-0707. Schneider Electric Solar announced InsightHome and InsightFacility, their newest additions to the Insight Energy Management ecosystem. Want to Go Solar? Solar Support & Resources; Solar Lease Services; Contact Us; Blog; Scroll right. If I ever have a serious problem with my inverter that requires tech support to fix, I will be out of power for a few days, waiting for a Schneider tech to get back to me. 3700 Gilmore Way. Especially when the end user is DIY. You have to fill out a form and wait an undisclosed period of time, atleast a few days, for them to get back to you. Renew Maintenance; Learn about Auto-Renewal; Access the Success Center. Technical information by email. If you don’t have a Tesla Account, use the Contact Us form.. For information about Tesla Roadside Assistance, visit our dedicated Roadside Assistance support page.. Chat with us pump. I do small scale off grid systems, mostly for persons not wanting to deal with building inspectors. Phone: 800.950.9550 Fax: 336.668.4878 Email: industrialrepair@schneider-electric.com For owners of their equipment they will give you an installer. Protect your solar investment with Schneider Electric’s worldwide network. SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. partnership with Schneider Electric to develop the residential solar market and provide homeowners with seamless energy management for smart homes of the future. support@solaredge.com +972-73-240-3122. … 1-408-987-6030. Icon: Texas. BUT apparently within the last 30-45 days, Schneider solar has transitioned their tech support to a website for any an all inquiries on the Conext line of products for Commerical or Residential use according to their tech support phone line. Also I have to disagree about SMA. These activities are performed in the legitimate interest of our customers and of Schneider Electric. They have an interactive FAQ section but it is Corporate wide. Sales and Technical Support: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm; sales@solar-electric.com; Customer Service: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm; windsun@solar-electric.com; Warehouse / Order Pick up: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm * Please note that orders can only be picked up during our warehouse hours. EPC2000. Our company story is a values story. Around here, old original SWs abound, best inverter ever made, I tell the customer. This has been horrible. I do think they dropped the ball by not supporting the old Xantrex user forum and I have been told there is a new effort in Denver to address some of the issues. Schneider seems to cater to that market but there are too many things about the company I don't like yet. Phone Support Contact EcoStruxure Process Expert Global Support In partnership with our alliance of vendors and integrators, we offer you expert technical phone support. Homeowners; Business & Government; Support. Then contact one of our centers by the web inquiry form, online chat, telephone or email listed below. These resources can help you diagnose and resolve majority of product related issues. After completing the registration, you will receive an email response that will provide you with an unpublished code that will get you through directly to the technical support call center. Need help with troubleshooting? Screen Manufacturers Equipment and Supplies in San Antonio, TX. Sometimes, you just need someone to chat with! Whether you're a system owner or a solar professional, get the resources and guides to help you understand your Enphase system. Phone: 212-660-0990 Option 1 Email: support@solarustech.com Portal: Click Here for Portal Access Quick Support: Click Here to Download Solarus Tech Agent: Click Here to Download OS X Agent: Click Here to Download. BUT apparently within the last 30-45 days, Schneider solar has transitioned their tech support to a website for any an all inquiries on the Conext line of products for Commerical or Residential use according to their tech support phone line. All trademarks are owned by Xantrex LLC. anything and everything offered and/or provided by Solar Technology, Inc. either for sale or free of charge) may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm. The big one is they need more than youtube videos to train installers. Backed by industry experts ready to help get your solar system up and running. They do care so tell them. Global. Contact Us. Schneider helps international manufacturers of medical supplies and personal protective equipment quickly deliver products within the U.S. Read now. Low voltage and medium voltage solutions for solar 800V AC systems 1500V DC systems I had product that didn't do what they claimed! 8.76 kW Grid Tied Solar System with SolarEdge and 24 Astronergy Solar 365 watt Panels UNBOUND SolarEdge Gridtie System for 24 Astronergy 72 Cell Modules $ 12,406.00