Bond . /Title <434f4e435245544520524f4f462054494c455320414e4420524f4f462054494c45204143434553534f5249455320627920435352204255494c44494e472050524f4455435453204c494d49544544> Having trouble deciding between colours? Monier plano, the primary flat concrete roof tile factory-made in Republic of India is geared up redefine roofing aesthetics within the country. Most clay tile roofs permit exposure of more than 50% of the length of the tiles, and interlocking clay tiles have an 80% to 90% exposure of the tile surface. Contact … Clay or concrete plain tiles conforming to the dimensional tolerances given in BS EN 1304 or BS EN 490 can be laid on rafter pitches down to a minimum of 35°. ?DžBD{�*�T�T1��|�A�����-���g�V_o�/u.�5��V���b�4Y�A�}Jel�ѥ�^r����_���FS����� Head Lap Adjustment (mm): 80 – 110. Head Lap 80mm. Receive this look in your inbox so you can share it with friends and family. >> Tile Exposure Specifications for clay tile roofs. Redland 49 Tiles conform to BS EN 490: 2011 Concrete roofing tiles and fittings for roof covering and wall cladding - Product Specifications. TILE COVERAGE (±2%) Approx. From roof tiles and underlays to eaves systems and ridges, BMI Redland have a comprehensive range of roof products and systems. Dimensions. 11 tiles/sqm. For specialist services, please view the Find a Roofing Specialist. Performance Regent Tiles have been rigorously tested in the group's wind tunnel where combinations of high wind and driving rain are used to determine the tile performance with respect to wind loading and weathertightness. Download the latest guides for proper installation of concrete and clay roof tile systems, including high-wind and cold-weather applications. You can add one more sample per product. BMI Group; BMI India; Facebook-f. Twitter. Monier roof tiles keep you comfortable in your home all year round, while helping save money and the environment through energy savings. Under normal conditions, a gap of 75 to 100mm between tiles is acceptable. 9.90 tiles per sqm. << /Type /ExtGState All Monier roof tiles are salt safe and will not corrode over time. View added samples. This may increase according to set out, however head lap should not exceed 110mm. Always check rafter to pitch ratio, exposure of site and Local Government requirements. Premium, all-natural materials to last a lifetime; Unsurpassed beauty that will not fade over time; The truly sustainable roof solution; Concrete. 10 tiles/sqm. [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] The consensus document process included meetings over a period of eighteen (18) years, made up of roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, academia, roofing consultants, and engineers. Hacienda is a versatile concrete roof tile that combines classic good looks with exceptional product performance. Bond. Head Lap Adjustment: 75-110mm. stream 329mmW x 420mmL. Concrete roof tiles come in the widest range of colours and profiles and you have the ability to update the look of your roof with a simple re-coat. Dimensions. Recently, the National Tile Roofing Manufacturers Association (NTRMA) changed its name to Tile Roofing Institute. Roof Pitch. Dimensions: 330mm W x 438mm L; Mass: 5.0kg; Lap Adjust: Min. US Tile by Boral – Clay roof tile is a symbol of premium roofing, with the highest standard of sustainability and craftsmanship. Over the years Vereeniging Tiles Ltd expanded dramatically and Coverland Roof Tiles was formed in 1976 by the merger of four major concrete roof tile manufacturers. Monier roof tiles are ideal for coastal locations that endure the wind, spray and salt of the ocean. Monier's concrete roof tiles will not rust, warp or corrode, a problem with other roofing materials. They are impervious to the effects of frost and ice, and will never crack or warp, no matter how cold it gets. Please refer to your respective regional brochure, or visit the Browse Tile section of our Website to view the profiles & colors available within your selected region. endobj TRI Alliance and WSRCA technical committees, along with valuable input from the roofing community, revised the previous 2010 edition of this manual to create the 2015 edition. 2 0 obj Time: Construction usually takes around 1-2 days to get a concrete or terracotta tile roof installed, and 1 day for a composite tile roof. /SA true endobj The tiles are manufacture from cement, water, and mineral aggregates and shaped during manufacturing by molding, pressing, or extrustion. endobj 5.2kg. Approx. CSR Group Privacy Policy Head Lap Adjustment (mm): 80 - 110. You also have a choice of Colour Technologies to retain the look, beauty and re-sale value of your home: C-LOC – Colour Lock Technology retain its colour for even longer, is less resistant to gloss fade. Monier Nordica Tile. Security and Privacy Statement /Producer <5265706f72744275696c646572> Lap Adjust. Instagram. Monier roof tiles assist in keeping unwanted noise out. 11 tiles/sqm. Roof Pitch. Monier Elabana Roof System has been protecting homes from the harsh tropical weather in Malaysia for over 20 years. BMI Group; BMI India; Menu. x��\mo�8� ��_��ƪ�N�-Pm5ֱ����{�Z[Itu������oh�ݬ�X(�8���pf���D��3N�����c��K���0��!�S34y8? endobj Roof Pitch. Cambridge Cambridge; Madison Madison; Urban Shingle Urban Shingle; Coverage. Alternate profiles. Min without underlay 20 degrees. 1 0 obj /Pages 5 0 R Weight. 4.5kg. The environmentally friendly Aerlox is a major leap forward in concrete technology for the roof. 10 tiles/sqm. a . Monier's concrete roof tiles will not rust, warp or corrode, a problem with other roofing materials. Tel: 954-786-5380 and 800-818-0974; Lake Wales Plant, 200 Story Road, Lake Wales, FL 33853. Monier's concrete roof tiles will not rust, warp or corrode, a problem with other roofing materials. Monier has been in operation in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for over 60 years and is the single largest producer, supplier and distributor of construction materials and building products in PNG. 329mmW x 420mmL (415mm NSW) Weight. 10.6 tiles/sqm. Please remove a sample to add more. Approx. Monier roof tiles are ideal for those living in colder climates. {��=$wi��;�tGJ�;L���h�u8�;?����g����q~�{ ��]ޝ��T�̒�Ż�l 3 0 obj /Filter /FlateDecode Back. Bond: Straight bond; Roof Pitch: 15° to 90°. 4.5kg. x\��O����Y|'�ƚ�:\9����w�]}1��߮{E�p0��G�` �x�C���q8�������u? Dimensions. Approx. The valley gap may be increased to 100mm. Horizon Horizon; Coverage. Since 1997, BMI India (aka Monier Roofing ) offers a range of concrete roof tiles, glazed and matt finished imported clay roof tiles, and flat roof TPO. << /Creator <43414445> �����&gh܇Oh+��G�#���Ơ'�o��Aw�C4ߣq�czշ(�v�8��0�����? Regent Tiles conform to BS EN 490: 2011 Concrete roofing tiles and fittings for roof covering and wall cladding - Product Specifications.