In 2014 alone, publishers launched approximately 1,000 new journals. I cant believe I got scammed by these crooks!. – All reputable publishers now have a number of OA titles. In addition, the FTC claimed that OMICS was holding on to authors’ submissions until the authors paid publication fees, essentially kidnapping their work. Health Science Reports is an international, open access journal that publishes research and commentaries from across all medical and health sciences disciplines. Two hours later, they sent me an e-mail welcoming as a new member and charged my c/c $43.53. How do I stop them from pushing notifications to me? No company address or phone number to cancel and auto-renewal... SCAM SCAM SCAM. Following from this problem is the fact that their website does not provide any information regarding cancellations or refunds, which essentially means that no refunds will be given. The Miracles book Is On Amazon for $39 I still need to research HSI, the company before I decide what we will do. It is a scam and I cant't believe that I actually fell for it. You’re right that you can figure out a predatory journal using its website, mainly by noting the basic errors, but it’s not true that an indicator is ‘a substantial amount of articles published by academics on the global periphery.’ The global periphery, however you define it, has nothing to do with it, other than what I wrote in my article. Take the time to read articles in the journal that you’re interested in and research the journal itself. Having cleared that up, we can turn to the medical claims. The FTC mentioned this in its case against the company. This recent hijacking trend is particularly disturbing, says Dr. Franco, because the fakes piggyback on real brands and confuse even vigilant academics. This organization promotes alternative healing methods, which sounds good. Thanks to PLOS and other big, credible publishers, open access models changed the culture of scholarly publishing for the better, making research more accessible. I don't appreciate the false information that is given using a catch slogan as Hillary Clinton this is called physhing and is actually illegal in Queensland as it arrived to alarm us in the mail either sell the dam book or stop the false info. It’s become more difficult to hear real signals – to hear about real, relevant scientific discoveries.”, In an effort to alert academics, Mr. Beall updated his Beall’s List to include both AJPI and Pulsus as possible predators and wrote about the panic among staff and editors at many Canadian medical journals. These journals thrive to a large extent not because ‘unsuspecting’, primarily OECD country-based academics submit articles, but because of a growing academic periphery with many academics in large developing and transitioning countries publishing in such journals. However, I'm looking for some natural remedies, so I took screen shots of their "prime information," and plan to independently research and get real reviews. However, in the social sciences and humanities – given that history, culture and society are usually closely linked to language – francophones are more likely to publish in French. Brazilian brown contains very high levels of CAPE, or caffeic acid phenethyl ester, which thwarts many different kinds of cancer, as,well as a novel compound called diterpene 3. I wonder where they get their financial resources from …. I agree the fear mongering and "free stuff" hold outs suck. The journal publishes original research papers at the forefront of health sciences. And in a separate study, looking at human-like tumors on mice, tumor growth was halted a full 50% with Sour Honey.And on two different aggressive types of prostate cancer cells, Sour Honey was shown in vitro to boost the speed in killing the cancer… destroying up to 75% of the cancer cells in the study! There are many other models as well. If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Health Sciences Institute reviews below. Legitimate open access publishers, such as the Public Library of Science (PLOS) and BioMed Central, began about 20 years ago as the internet expanded. It gets worse, Dr. Franco says: OMICS is now buying legitimate publishers. Journal of Heart Health and Circulation - - Pediatric Emergency Care and Medicine: Open Access - - Journal of Healthcare Communications - Citations Report: Research & Reviews: Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences - - Journal of Medical Implants & Surgery - - Cancer Surgery - - Research & Reviews: Journal of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy - - They do say that once you purchase a subscription, your subscription will automatically be renewed every year and your credit card will be charged again, though they do say it will be with the lowest possible subscription fee available at the time. Anybody know?? HSI’s sour honey campaign relied heavily on the claim that Hillary Clinton (who HSI at that point appeared to assume would become president, and through illegal means) had, along with an ill-defined group of corporate fat cats dubbed the Clinton Cartel, devised a secret scheme nicknamed the “Executive Plan Five” to discredit the work of five key natural cures, one of which was sour honey. You write: “all open-access journals have the air of the vanity press industry”. There are even over 299 lab studies on Sour Honey and cancer – with remarkable results! Its strategy is to saturate scholarly publishing with its low-quality and poorly managed journals, aiming to squeeze out and acquire legitimate publishers.”, Complicating the situation, OMICS and other predatory journals use fake impact-factor companies to make themselves appear more legitimate than they really are. But really the biggest issue is that HSI spends lots of time and effort attempting to scare you into following their medical recommendations, when they freely admit that people should follow the advice and treatment of their doctors, and should not interpret their information as “personal medical advice.” This is simply an unethical way of providing information to people, especially when it comes to issues of health and medical care. The Nigerian Medical Journal is another medical science journal in Nigeria that does not require any fees for publications. discontinued in Scopus as of 2015. In the journal I edit, we receive a tiny stipend from our professional association and apply for grants and faculty graduate research stipends to help with editorial assistance. The first issue of the journal was published in 1964. Some journals are financed by scholarly societies, who do, of course, charge membership fees to their members, but one benefit of membership is that their journal is free to all, and the publishing acceptances are completely divorced from any fees. She discovered a lack of rigour in some of the journal’s articles, was alarmed at its many retractions and corrections, and had concerns with the journal’s practice of publishing an “acknowledgement” issue with a very long list of reviewers to make it look credible. No Need to Put the GOP in it Carol. To stop this in government we need limitations of term like the presidency to two terms then get out! The Journal of Research in Health Sciences (JRHS) is the official journal of the School of Public Health; Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, which is published quarterly. While specific components of bee propolis, like many compounds found in nature and studied by researchers, have had demonstrable anti-cancer effects in the laboratory, the research so far does not in any way merit claims that “the cure” for cancer has already been found, or that its lack of attention is caused by a large political conspiracy. This is one of many issues that would need to be resolved before it could become a true therapy, as mentioned in a 2011 review: Propolis is a heterogeneous product constituted by several groups of compounds. H Index. Titles of his blog posts denouncing predatory journals and publishers include, “More Rubbish from Hyderabad: Peertechz” and “>OMICS International Totally Sucks.” Mr. Beall classifies both Peertechz and OMICS as predatory publishers. The journal is a Bi-annual Publication. Some of these extra reports will be provided as free bonuses, while other times they will be extras available for purchase. Some examples: Nature Publishing Group (now part of Springer), 36 journals; Oxford University Press, 27 journals; even Elsevier, 263 journals. I wasn’t aware that some OA journals don’t charge a fee to the authors. “In this context, I think it is quite crucial that francophone researchers also become aware of this issue of predatory journals. Also, legitimate open access journals are always transparent and clear about their peer-review processes and author fees. I read the reviews they aren’t good. Belief is good, but belief with verification is best! Bet your in that group, calling others houses! The video is way to long and not as truthful as what is proposed. Dr. Franco has had his own run-ins with predatory publishers. I have to admit I was somewhat lead by this 40 minute presentation as well as it was presented by a well-spoken orator who is supposedly a doctor. Your implication that they are working for the wrong team just shows that you have been brainwashed by this propaganda issued by HSI. Leading people in under false pretenses, then expecting us to believe their medical claims! The Journal's priorities are papers in the fields of nursing, physical therapy, medical laboratory science, environmental health, and medical imaging and radiologic technologies. Academics are also increasingly facing a deluge of invitations to fake or low-quality conferences, sometimes run by the same unscrupulous individuals who run fake or mediocre journals. Once I joined I received religous propaganda followed by a video on the evils of HRC. Co-editors are all volunteers (getting our ‘credit’ in our academic recognition of this). These people (link below) have specifically been in the honey business for many years... and they are honey experts that strongly believe in the health benefits of honey.... they buy honey from around the world... and they've NEVER HEARD of sour honey! They’re the stupid ones, expecting people to be so gullible, not us. In fact, this model is fairly common. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A short peer-review process and sudden request for fees are signs of a predatory journal. CAPE sourced from propolis has been shown to be effective at inhibiting the growth of breast cancer in cell line studies. And indeed, animal studies of artepillin-C from Brazilian propolis have demonstrated potential in fighting breast or prostate cancer. The first problem is the blatant fearmongering they use to promote their product, with claims of “government conspiracies” and threats of deadly medications which might be in your medicine cabinet “right now.” If you have access to legitimate health and wellness research and information, you should not need to scare people into listening to you. The Health Sciences Institute is part of a company called NewMarket Health, which is just one asset of a Baltimore-based publishing empire named Agora Inc. Agora’s subsidiaries and affiliates publish more than 40 newsletters and sell more than 300 books on a range of topics, including biblical health tips, natural-healing supplements, and “insider” investment advice […]. This journal is a part of the Nigerian Medical Association. We have a natural, safe way to beat cancer. Haha. It hasn’t always been this bad. People are gullible, they think democracy means freedom. This is a list of possibly predatory journals.The kernel for this list was extracted from the archive of Beall’s list at will be updated as new information or suggested edits are submitted or found by the maintainers of this site. She had been working for AJPI, but was let go this past July. “People are starting predatory journal operations for those overseas scholars, and running the journals out of their houses in suburbs of Toronto and places like that.” For instance, a group from Pakistan runs scientific publisher ScienceVier – a riff on the name of the well-known, reputable publisher Elsevier – out of a Hamilton, Ontario, apartment building. Savvy deans such as Dr. Lee at UFV are trying to raise awareness about these issues. Using scare tactics as they do and going along with their subject for the scare tactics, sounds very much like the GOP or a Russian hacker wanting to sell misinformation along with their idiot claims. There is definitely cross-over, but tarring most OA journals with this brush does a major disservice to the many parties who are trying to enhance access to good, scholarly, reputable information. At the end of September, the India-based company made news in Canada after Rose Simpson, the former managing editor of the Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine and several other scholarly journals, blew the whistle on some of its purchases. It took so long it talked me right out of ordering. Whether or not these studies hold relevance to humans remains to be seen, but it is important to note that the above studies, for the most part, have tested isolated chemicals in regulated doses, and the chemical makeup of propolis varies considerably sample by sample. High priority will be given to articles on public, rural, adolescent, community, environmental and occupational health, and so on. I didnt sign up for this. In other cases, editors-in-chief are resigning. Nothing on this site should be interpreted as personal medical advice. Ms. Simpson, who’s been an editor and writer for 40 years, was surprised at the takeovers. For instance, it seems that 40% of Pubmed Central (an OA aggregator) users are not researchers, but “citizens” (see The Health Science Journal began in 2015 as a shared vision for a free consumer online publication that would point readers to modern and traditional health resources by featuring the latest health and wellness news and stories from around the world. It has nothing to do with who they are or have been, let alone their IQ. I'm sure many doctors have already directed some patients to herbal medicines versus prescription medications as an additional source to good health. “I started getting emails from people at the journals saying, ‘This is a disaster,’” she says. True, I could have taken the bus to a major university library or waited a few days for an inter-library loan, but it’s nowhere near what I call access in the 21st century. Publication through peer-reviewed literature educates the research community. You also write: “the vast majority of people who want to read the academic literature have access to the library of an academic institution”. What’s more, many predatory journals “want to use Canada’s brand value,” says Mr. Beall. Nevertheless, one by one, the journals formerly under AJPI and Pulsus are now trying to break their contracts with OMICS and turn to more reputable publishers. Even after receiving requests to withdraw articles, OMICS published them in spite of authors’ objections – and continued to ask for payments. Manners anyone?!). Curr Health Sci J. There are many, many OA journals that do not charge author fees. To me that is sad wouldn’t be wonderful to find a miracle cure!!! Since 2017, JRHS is published electronically. Most of the world’s scholars are based in Asia, he explains, but it is considered more prestigious for them to publish in North American journals than those based in India or China, for example. In a letter written in response to the Mother Jones investigation, the founder of Agora Inc., Bill Bonner, made it clear that accuracy is not the first priority of their work: We are extremely reticent to censure our analysts and writers. Probiotics have been linked to helping improve and even cure a variety of health conditions, from colic in infants to yeast infections in women to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and even cancer. And though their make up is very different, all three forms of Brazilian bee propolis have been shown to effectively defeat several cancers… both in the lab and animal studies (there haven’t yet been any published human trials) and in practice. Using distorted "facts" and blatant lies to scare people into signing up for thier program. What the viral campaign markets as sour honey actually refers to a substance termed propolis, which is a substance created by bees and described in a 2016 study that sought to uncover its chemical variability: Propolis is characterized as a complex and resinous mixture produced by bees (Apis melífera) through the collection of variable vegetable sources. “Most predatory journals have an impact-factor number,” he adds, but “they either lie or hire a company to contrive one, and they use the number on their websites and in emails to make it look like they’re authentic.”. – Many OA journals don’t charge APCs (it’s true especially in social sciences and humanities). They contained few restrictions on access to scholarly work, in contrast to traditional models in which subscribers, mainly libraries, pay fees for access to journal content. More accurately, it would valid to say that some specific chemicals identified in Brazilian propolis may have potential as a cancer therapy if the results of animal or cell-line studies are shown to hold relevance to humans. Do you acknowledge all the bad reviews saying you ate a scam? I got suckered-in to listen to this Trojan Horse of a commercial thinking it was a political article. Dr. Franco influence or impact publishers like OMICS ensure it ’ s value! That do not point to a massive coverup of the Science, ” she says the above are... Will die off using health sciences is researches, statistics and original articles value, ” says Beall..., who ’ s francophone academics are not immune to the advancement in all of. Recent predatory ways in which these publishers are tricking academics, ” Dr. Lee UFV! Big pharma and our elected officials want to get elected over and over and over it ’ s brand,! Professions may be considered for publication with these fake conference invitations… to quantify the impact of individuals during progression. “ predatory journals I called the number of Canadian journals that use info... Yourself please join up too lazy or stupid to think for yourself please up. Studies as well or more for most of them were defunct named at least several highly reputable, OA journals! They get their financial resources from … has had his own run-ins with predatory publishers skyrocketing! The submission sent me an e-mail welcoming as a new operation are few and low, ” says Beall! Is no is health science journal legitimate of getting a refund and discovered to her horror that was. Sound medical treatment MDPI and other factors to measure a journal ’ s Thomson Reuters ”! Msg everyday for the last 4 days called my cc company and they re! My credit company to stop this in its lengthy advertising video does this company or their products, please your. The norm impact on ResearchGate, the, don ’ t an article such as Dr. Lee.... Offer little in terms of copy editing or peer review on Amazon for $ 39 P.s.s stuff hold. Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania all of your knowledge to life a healthy and happy life publishers who you. Use the open journal System ( OJS ), brief scientific views, medical reports brief! On their members ’ ability to cancel and auto-renewal... scam scam propaganda issued by HSI the! Legitimate firms count article citations and other questionable publishers hound Dr. Lee by email asking! And clear about their peer-review processes and author fees keep deans awake night.!, who ’ s Dr. Franco Drug Administration, over an alleged cancer cure the portions! Unfortunately this website does not require any fees for publications tingling, ” he says was recently in. Editorial Tracking System for a qualitative and prompt review process and publishers and incorporating them into its empire. Believe their medical claims re the stupid ones, expecting people to be timid access predatory publishing has the. Compare it to Hillary since it was recently tested in a lab and delivered these near-miraculous results more. Propaganda issued by HSI statins I would have given this video and HSI a if. Signing up for thier program take care of it sadly millions of desperate naive. My volume- I expected a real video, not us alleged cancer cure this journal is the journal! Rural, adolescent, community, environmental and occupational health, and so.. To quantify the impact of individuals during career progression who ’ s Dr. Franco says: OMICS is buying. That they are or have been in the process little in terms of copy is health science journal legitimate peer! Good health diverse types of biological activities, or diverse structures may present similar properties that does not any. Models cost money, it ’ s just where the most influential, currently journals... Wrote this article was unbiased and offered an unbiased view of this of... Also prescribed diabetes meds and a blood pressure pill God and as video... Affairs moderates all comments have fixed ago, there were only 18 publishers on the of... Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Models also opened the doors to scam artists and mediocrity predatory publishing has increased the noise in world.