Will be definitely using davco on the walls, 6mm trowel and a world of pain to lay floor to ceiling 200x100 subway tiles. You may also encounter tiles that are somewhat loose because they haven't had time to dry completely. Keep in mind that the edges will dry before the thinset at the center of the tile does. Use a cement based powder adhesive, it sets by chemical action no matter how damp the place is, whereas the tub stuff needs to "dry". Make sure there isn’t excess heat or wind where you’re applying mortar. Tiled the edge tiles last night, painful as I had to continue the same amount of packing up of the tile adhesive otherwise the lipped edges were far too much. Press tiles firmly into the adhesive bed and ensure that no voids occurs beneath tiles. Decades ago, I was installing tile with an "expert". The concrete was well aged so the adhesive was drying in a matter of minutes, but when I checked on the "expert" he had applied the adhesive so thickly that it might NEVER dry. When you decide what type of vinyl floor tile to use, having one that adheres and dries quickly might be a priority for you. Going to remove the current dirty mouldy grout tonight then re-grout my existing tiles in the shower cubicle.. How long should I leave the grout to dry for before taking a shower? High or low temperatures can make dry time more difficult to predict. I have applied SBR bond to my plywood, but i wanted to know how long i have to wait before i can start tiling, i am using BAL rapidset flexible adhesive with 600x300 porceline tiles. I'm not 100% certain they are trash. Do not fix tiles over adhesive that has been allowed to dry and form a skin. Also I think 30x30 would rank as a "large format" so you should use cement based gear anyway. Thanks. Even if it looks dry, give the right amount of time to make sure the mortar has dried completely. Every now and then, lift a tile from the adhesive to check that complete contact with the adhesive is being made. Do not slide tiles against each other. You could grout it sooner than 24 hours, generally it is best to wait a day (or one overnight time period). Hi guys, i am starting my first floor tiling project (my own bathroom and toilet) and this site has been a great help so far. The adhesive had to be applied and allowed to dry before installing the tile. Tiles that size dont let tub adhesive dry effectively. If tiles are walked on before adhesive is dry, they move, and the bond between will weaken 11 2008 hi i recently layed a tile floor pre mixed thinset used still not completely cured after 2. You might be able to gently scrape off the wet glue one at a time with a 6" putty knife wiping any goobers with a damp rag so the adhesive is MOSTLY gone but more important FLAT. 3. You have two choices: Select tiles that have a quick-dry adhesive already applied or buy tiles that require a quick-dry adhesive be applied to the floor first. Periodically remove and check a tile to assure complete verage. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE because now with air that glue WILL dry and both the substrate and the tiles will be a horror story. That way when you wipe down the tile surface with a wet sponge you will not compromise the tile adhesive. Most tile jobs take two to four days before they are completely dried. When it is not dry, tile adhesive can ooze up into a good grout job and discolor it. Always wait 24 hours before you grout tile. This can ruin a great grout job. Would 12 hours be enough to have a quick shower the next morning? Firmly press tiles into the adhesive and move them perpendicularly across the ridges.